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InnoCircle PET has contributed to Clean2Antartica Project. The essential mission of Clean2Antartica is to create an inspirational journey towards sustainability by applying new technological, economical and behavioural activities which supports the transition towards a circular economy. Two adventurers aim to achieve the South Pole with the help of sun-energy powered vehicle made of recycled plastic. Therefore, Clean2Antartica has embraced the technical and sustainability opportunities of InnoCiricle PET. By using multiple desktop printers strong complex shaped parts were printed for the construction of the sun-powered vehicle that can withstand cryogenic temperatures below -50 oC!

Dummy Image
Dummy Image

Schiphol Airport

The international Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam has embraced sustainability. In 2030 they aim to be a “zero-waste” airport. This means that waste must be recycled or fully bio-degradable. About 20,000 PET bottles are discarded at Schiphol every day! Hago Airport Services, responsible for cleaning services at Schiphol, is faced with this waste daily. Therefore, Hago took up this challenge to turn waste into new products. The company has developed a special 3Dprinting pole which is accessible for all travellers. They can dispose their PET bottles here and win 3Dprinted Boeing 737 plane. Based on InnoCircle PET filament.

In addition, Hago stimulates to set in employees which are temporarily not able to perform cleaning services. These employees were educated in 3Dprinting waste into new products. In this way PET waste was printed into 1800 NS badge holders. An example that Hago’s sustainable and social commitments go together perfectly.

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